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Co-parenting in ways that benefit you, your ex and your child

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2021 | Family Law |

Being a newly single parent in Michigan isn’t easy. You may find it difficult to parent your child with your ex so that everyone can be happy, especially your child. However, it’s possible to come up with a good co-parenting plan that works for all of you. Here are some tips you should consider.

Acknowledge any concerns

Acknowledge your child’s concerns regarding child custody. For example, if your child doesn’t want to go to their other parent’s home, explain that it’s good for them to have their time together. You can also ask what would make things easier for them. It might be something as simple as wanting to bring a favorite toy over.

Prioritize quality over quantity

The time spent with your child is precious for both you and your ex. As a result, remember to prioritize quality over quantity. Even if you don’t have an evenly split child custody order, you can spend meaningful time together.

Check-in with your ex

Co-parenting plans require you to occasionally check in with your ex. It helps to keep you both in the loop and discuss any adjustments to the schedule that might pop up. Circumstances can change, so it’s good to have open communication.

Cope with your loneliness

When it’s not your turn to have child custody, it can be difficult and lonely. You’ll miss your child at times. However, you can cope with your loneliness and find ways to feel better as you adjust to your child’s away time.

Work with your ex

Even if you and your ex don’t get along, working with them is important. It helps your child in the long run and makes things better when you’re able to be a team to solve problems.

Watch your temper

Avoid contacting your ex every time they do something that annoys you. You might want to journal these things for yourself. It can help you to alleviate your frustration even if you never address those things with your ex.

Become friends with your ex’s significant other

If your ex has a new love interest, you may want to become friendly with them. It can help improve the relationship between your ex and your child and make things much easier. That new person may even be a great role model for your child.

Remain hopeful

While you might have had a contentious split with your ex, your relationship could improve while you keep up with your co-parenting plan. Working together can help your child get the benefit of having both parents still in their life.