Some frequently asked questions in Domestic Cases:

1. How long will the divorce take?

Answer: It depends on many factors, such as if there are custody issues, whether the divorce is contested, what attorney is on the other side, the extent of discovery that is required and whether any experts are needed and the cooperation of the parties involved.

2. How much will this cost?

Answer: This is also contingent on many factors such as whether issues, such as custody are contested, whether the other attorney is willing to sit down and resolve issues, the extent of discovery that is required, and whether experts are needed and whether you actively participate in the process. I will make all attempts to control cost.

3. Can I get joint custody?

Answer: It will depend on whether you have the established custodial environment and where the 13 best interests factors fall. It is important that you are active in your child(ren) live(s), attend or take them to doctor and dental appointments, attend their sporting/extra-curricular activities, and take care of them. Your tracking of this on your own and getting the documentation will, again, save you money.

4. What is the waiting period to get a divorce?

Answer: Six months, for a divorce with children. It can be waived if certain criteria is placed on the record and both parties agree. Sixty days, is the waiting period for a divorce without children.

Frequently asked questions in Criminal cases:

1. Can you keep me out of jail?

Answer: This depends on your prior record, the facts in the current police report, whether you are currently on probation or parole, what court the case is in and what Judge you are before. You can assist yourself by getting into treatment if you have a drug or alcohol problem.

2. How much will this cost?

Answer: It depends on the exact charge, your prior record, whether a preliminary exam must be held, how many court appearances are required, and whether there is ultimately a trial.

3. Do I need an attorney?

Answer: Yes. If you are charged with a criminal offense you could be looking at going to jail, points on your record, driver’s responsibility fees, suspension of your license to drive, probation, community service, rehab, forfeiture of property, immobilization of your vehicle, and possibly restitution, depending on the charge. This record will follow you the rest of your life. These are important and serious consequences.


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