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Imagine a knock on your door. You go to the door and there stands someone from Child Protective Services. They tell you a claim of abuse or neglect has been made against you and that they are conducting an investigation. If the claim is serious enough there could even be an emergency removal hearing within 24 hours that could result in your child being removed from your home and taken away from you. If you are facing this situation you need to hire an attorney who knows how to deal with child protection law cases.

My name is Denise Hirschmann and I have a background as an assistant case worker in the Oakland County Juvenile Court. My law practice will help you fight for your parental rights.

Contact my office by phone at 586.307.4384 to arrange for your free initial consultation.

Macomb County and Clinton Township Family Reunification Lawyer

I represent parents in Michigan who have been charged with neglect and/or abuse and face the possibility of, or have had, their child taken away from them. I know that this is an emotional time and I will give you direction as to what the courts are looking for and what you are facing in your attempt to get your children back.

I have considerable experience in child protection law matters and will fight the charges on your behalf so you can keep your child and prevent them from being placed outside of your home. I can also assist you with the complicated process of getting your child back if your rights have already been compromised. Do not make the mistake of thinking you can deal with this on your own. The government takes these matters seriously and you are facing a difficult battle. Let me fight for you. Your parental rights may be at stake.

In the darkest times of your life…

If you are dealing with a child protection law issue, contact my office by phone at 586.307.4384 to speak with me and find out how I can help. I offer a free initial consultation and accept Visa and MasterCard.


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